Shatterstar left the x-force team and now in Deadpool 2. It seems to be going fine until the wind causes every member of the team except Wade and Domino to die in a horrific way. For the first time in his life, being one with Ben made him feel "whole" -- and it wasn't explained why until 2013. Clearing up a few X-Questions that were still lingering after the film, Deadpool 2’s Lewis Tan, who played Shatterstar in the movie, spoke to SYFY WIRE … Date of Death Deadpool (Wade Wilson) Villains. Benjamin Russell Prime Marvel Universe ... 2 Knull (Earth-616) Explore Wikis Universal Conquest Wiki. One of the patients there was a mutant named Benjamin Russell, who looked like Shatterstar, had no living relatives, and had conveniently been in a coma since his powers emerged. Rusty Gaveedra-Seven, also known as Shatterstar, was an alien from the planet Mojoworld and a member of X-Force. Extraterrestrial Although Peter warns the team about the high winds that could affect the drop, Wade ignores him and the team jumps from the plane. He is recruited into X-Force by Deadpool and Weasel after revealing his backstory as an alien from Mojoworld and being just "like [Deadpool… He appears as one of the main members of X-Force who successfully passes the interview stage with Deadpool and Weasel when he tells them of his ability, claiming to Deadpool that he is "you, but better" which annoyed … Get ready for our deep-dive. Loki Laufeyson; Magneto (Max Eisenhardt) ... Shatterstar Related. Along with Terry Crews' Bedlam and Zazie Beetz's Domino, the teaser offers a good look at a character that's been in the background of earlier trailers: Lewis Tan's Shatterstar, the man rocking fabulously long red hair and a star tattoo on his left eye. Shatterstar Actors/Actresses He was played by Lewis Tan. Shatterstar is a deadly … 1 #99 in March 1991. Well from what i hear deadpool 2 might be the new x-force and this will probably be more clear once there is no more deapool 3 next … He is also a former member of X-Force that Deadpool created to save Firefist. Shatterstar claims to be an extraterrestrial super being, hailing from the planet Mojoworld. It's here that things took a turn for the strange, which is, frankly, nothing new for an X-Men character. Affiliation Longshot was able to transfer Shatterstar's soul into Ben's body, making Ben look like Shatterstar in the process, and they merged into one being. Thursday morning brought the release of the final trailer for Deadpool 2. He appears as one of the main members of X-Force who successfully passes the interview stage with Deadpool and Weasel when he tells them of his ability, claiming to Deadpool that he is "you, but better" which annoyed Wade. Wisecracking mercenary Deadpool must protect a teenage mutant from Cable -- a genetically enhanced soldier from the future. He claims his real name is Rusty. After his death, Deadpool says that he doubts anyone will miss Shatterstar since he was kind of a fool.[1]. Citizenship Created to be a slave by the tyrant king Mojo, Shatterstar was genetically engineered as a human gladiator and fought for his king's various television programs - think American Gladiator with actual killing. Male Deadpool films never give you a straight answer, which makes reporting on their production and that of their sequels and spin-offs a bit tricky.So obviously, you can really only trust people right in the middle of the action. The first official Deadpool 2 trailer took fans by surprise … Shatterstar had a brief role (Image: SG) Deadpool's HILARIOUS … At the Institute the four individuals (Shatterstar, Cable, Longshot and Siryn) would be lead by Spiral to one of the patients named Benjamin Russell. While a confirmation would be awesome, we will find this out sooner or later anyway as “Deadpool 2” is set to hit theaters on May 18, 2018. After the team is briefed of the plan to rescue Russell, he is next seen on the cargo plane along with the rest of the X-Force. Deadpool 2 finally gave a real glimpse of Lewis Tan's Shatterstar in its final trailer - here's what you need to know about the sword-wielding mutant. Deadpool 2 Delivers a Sick (and Subtle) X-Men Origins Burn, Shatterstar's History Is a Microcosm of X-Men Continuity, Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins Reportedly Paid $10M Each to Praise HBO Max Deal, Thor 4: Natalie Portman Is Training to 'Look Like an Action Figure', Wonder Woman 1984 Runtime Is Just Shy of Batman v Superman, Star Wars Theory: Luke Skywalker Is the Rightful Owner of the Darksaber. RELATED: Indiana Jones Easter Egg Hiding in Deadpool 2 Pointed Out by Ryan Reynolds In the comics, Shatterstar is closely linked to Josh Brolin's Cable character. X2: X-Men United: The Movie Prequel: Wolverine, X2: X-Men United: The Movie Prequel: Nightcrawler, Real Name Shatterstar claims to be an extraterrestrial super being, hailing from the planet Mojoworld. The Genetic Opera Is a Whole 2020 Mood, How a Simple Into the Spider-Verse Scene Captures Animation's Superheroic Potential, Wonder Woman 1984 Deserves a Theatrical Re-Release in the Future, Why Jiu Jitsu's Wacky Mythology Doesn't Add Up. He first showed up in 1991's New Mutants #99 (by Fabien Nicieza and Rob Liefeld) as Gaveedra Seven, a genetically altered humanoid from the planet Mojoworld, though he also hails from a century into the future. Appears to be very enthusiastic about his job as he's seen cheering on the plane as they approach the convoy. Status Because death was so common and pervasive in his life, he learned about honor and pride in being a warrior over the course of his numerous battles. RELATED: Deadpool 2 Delivers a Sick (and Subtle) X-Men Origins Burn. Shatterstar When the second Deadpool 2 trailer showed off part of Wade's team in the back of a helicopter, the unique costume of the character behind Crews signaled to fans that Shatterstar was … There is an image gallery forShatterstar Shatterstar also merged with the individual nam… Spider-Man: Could Spider-Woman Appear in the Spider-Verse? Laced between Deadpool’s references to both the Marvel and DC cinematic universes were introductions to the various members of X-Force. Eventually, he escaped Mojo's rule and joined the rebel force known as the Cadre Alliance as a freedom fighter. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Deadpool 2 (2018) Lewis Tan as Shatterstar. Shatterstar is a mutant, the naturally born son of the mutant Dazzler and the artificially-engineered Biped Longshot.

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