They have a special power to restore the lost body part and new sponge will grow from old one. They used to live in soil. This is a hard question to answer. The mouth of Nautilus surrounded by 100 tentacles and have a muscular hood on shells. 10 White-Tailed Deer 3.5 Million Years. The majority of the mammal species that existed in the Mesozoic Era were multituberculates, eutriconodonts and spalacotheriids. Image via Wikimedia Commons. The evolved in world oceans 550 million years ago. 365 Ma Genus: White-tailed deer are the oldest living deer species today. The sturgeon family, scientifically known as Acipenseridae, dates from more than 200 million years ago; sturgeons are some of the oldest animals in the world.There are 27 species of sturgeon, all with roughly similar characteristics. Second, bowheads can live to … Heinrich Harder The Eocene epoch was a good time to be a giant, deadly mammal. It is estimated that Nautilus is the only surviving member of the large group of shellfish. The electro sensory organ helps Coelacanath to easily detect the preys in the ocean. According to scientists, this colossal year-round Arctic dweller may live 200-plus years. He was supposedly born in 1832 and brought to his current home on the island of Saint Helena from the Seychelles in 1882. Horseshoe Shrimps can survive in any conditions that are their primary quality. It is a photosynthesizing animal that lives in large colonies and produces oxygen as a by-product of its food production. Monotremes (Platypus and Echidnas) 2. The word Martialis huereka means ‘ants from Mars,’ because this species has different behavior than other recorded ant species on earth. Horseshoe shrimp are tiny (2 to 4 millimeters in length). In fact, there are a number of creatures with life spans that make the oldest living human seem like a spring chicken by comparison. The fin whale is not only one of the oldest whale species, it is also the second largest mammal on Earth after the blue whale. The bowhead whale lives in the Arctic and has a lifespan of 200 years or more. Nobody can. Nautilus - 500 million years old. Adelobasileus is … The crown mammals are considered mammals and include our ancient relatives, … Shrew Opossum 6. There are 5000 different species of sponges in the world. Sign up to reciece TMW articles and we'll not spam you. We humans like to pride ourselves on our long (and getting longer all the time) life spans, but the surprising fact is that, in terms of longevity, Homo sapiens have nothing on other members of the animal kingdom, including sharks, whales, and even salamanders and clams. Frilled sharks are regarded as a ‘living fossil,’ appeared on Earth 150 million years ago. Once the pools of horseshoe shrimps get dries up the eggs, remain dormant for many years. Unfortunately now sturgeons are in the list of critically endangered species. 12Martialis Huereka. Cyanobacteria live in large colonies and produce oxygen through photosynthesis, a process through which they obtain their energy. Horseshoe Shrimps were evolved on Earth at the same time as that of Dinosaurs evolve, around 200 million years ago. Over pollution and change in ocean temperature are main factors that cause the rarity of frilled sharks. In the list of the Top 10 Oldest Animal Species In The World, Martialis Heureka is at no 10. Answering on a species level is hard because the definition of species gets especially fuzzy over evolutionary time. 6 Coelacanath – 360 million years old. The 5-foot long frilled shark has 300 trident shaped teeth over 25 rows. Horseshoe Shrimps mark their name at number 8 in the list of oldest animal species. Laotian Rock Rat 8. 10 Martialis Huereka-120 million years old. In addition to Andrewsarchus and Brontotherium, there was also Entelodon, known as the "killer pig," a cow-sized animal equipped with a bulldog-like build and a dangerous set of canines.Like its fellow megafauna mammals, this half-ton hog-like animal also possessed an unusually small brain, which may have … Jellyfishes are found in different shapes and color. Sponge - 760 million years old. The cyanobacterium is probably the first living organism to appear on earth and so is one of the oldest animal species. Jellyfishes are the oldest multi-organ animals in the world. They are also known as green-clue bacteria. Subscribe to our Newsletter and never miss another TMW article... 8 Most Dangerous Amazon Rainforest Animals, 9 Animals Likely To Disappear In The Near Future. 10 Oldest Species in the World 1. This animal discovered from … They mainly live in  in coastlines of Africa and Indonesia. First, the bowhead whale has the largest mouth of any animal; a mature male’s mouth may be one-third the size of its body. The earliest known metatherian is Sinodelphys, found in 125 million-year-old Early Cretaceous shale in China's northeastern Liaoning Province. Other similar basal primates were widespread in Eurasia and Africa during the tropical conditions of the Paleocene and Eocene. The umbrella like headed jellyfish can be found in every oceans in the world. Sponges… Sponges don’t have any internal organs, arms or head. Jellyfish - 505 million years old. Say that three times, fast. Various claims have been made about reviving bacterial spores to active metabolism after millions of years of dormancy. The oldest documented tuarara is a resident in the Southland Museum of New Zealand. Ctenophores (Comb Jellies). All Rights Reserved. Martialis is the oldest ant species discovered from the Amazon rain forest. Coleanaths have length of 6.5 feet and weighs upto 90 kg. Their tentacles have more than 5000 stinging cells. Sturgeons have a length up to 5.5 feet and weighs between 600 kg to 200 kg. The tuatara is known for its longevity, regularly living over 100 years. 9 Oldest Mammals in the World 1. Out of nine two large eyes are mainly used by horseshoe crabs and others are light receptors to control the movements. © Michael Nolan/robertharding/Getty By current definitions of “mammal,” the oldest known seems to be Juramaia (Jurassic good mother), which could not be the first mammal to exist (at 130 million years old, it’s close to the time of the split between placental and marsupial mammals, but it’s on the placental side — although it, itself, is not yet a placental mammal). They live in shallow ocean waters across the world. The evolutionary history of the primates can be traced back 65 million years. 7. They have a life span of 60 years. When it comes to living fossils, reptiles tend to hog the spotlight. The oldest living animal species on Earth cannot be known for sure, because not every animal species or fossil has yet been discovered, but the current best guess is the horseshoe crab, which has remained pretty much unchanged since the Ordovician period, 445 million years ago. An articulated specimen of the early shark Doliodus problematicus pushes the shark’s existence back to at least 409 million years ago, and they are … Tuataras have an average lifespan of 60 years, but many specimens are estimated to be over 100 years old. 1. If the definition of lifespan does not exclude time spent in metabolically inactive states, many organisms may be said to have lifespans that are millions of years in length. They are also known for eating other jellies. Covering an area of 2.12 million square miles, Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest... Can you imagine a world without animals? Because we know venom of some snakes are potent enough to kill us. Frilled sharks also have sudden attacking power to its prey.Frilled sharks are also very rare in the world. All mammals that are currently alive are not changing in an evolutionary sense. It retained functional gills in adulthood, behind a fleshy operculum. 7 Sturgeon – 200 million years old. During winter they migrate to distant places. 12 Oldest Animal Species on Earth. Cyanobacteria. They evolved in the world 200 million years ago. The body of sponges contains many canals, becomes shelter for many small aquatic animal species. First known animal with toes rather than fins. Evolution of animals merely depends upon environmental conditions of Earth. The researchers also succeed to find the growth of horseshoe shrimp by re-wetting the eggs which have several years of age. Sturgeons are oldest member of the bony fish family. Subscribe to our Newsletter and never miss another TMW article. Okapi 9… The largest fin whales can grow to 27.3 m (89.6 ft) long and have a maximum estimated weight of about 114 tonnes (126 short tons). We are all afraid of snakes. Sturgeons live in Eurasia and North America. 4. They have nine eyes in total, found throughout the body. When digging down the history of Earth, we can see some animal species manage to thrive upon THE different geological time span of Earth, developed before million of years ago. 12 oldest animal species on earth mom shock first animal on earth was biggest animal ever to exist on earth what is the largest living animal top 10 oldest animal species on earth, Skinny shrew is oldest true mammal live science the ten longest living creatures in world swiss life group the ten longest living creatures in world swiss life group introducing jonathan the world s oldest animal on land at 187 rise of mammals article mammal evolution information facts, Meet The Animal That Lives For 11 000 Years, The Ten Longest Living Creatures In World Swiss Life Group, The Longest Living Animals On Earth Two Might Be Immortal, 50 Longest Living Animals In The World 24 7 Wall St, The Longest Lived Animals On Earth In One Chart Vox, Top 10 Oldest Animal Species On Earth The Mysterious World, Which Is The Longest Living Animal In World لم يسبق له مثيل, The Long Beaked Echidna Can We Save Earth S Oldest Living Mammal, Introducing Jonathan The World S Oldest Animal On Land At 187, How Many Times Does The Earth Spin In 24 Hours, How Long Does Sunlight Takes To Reach Earth, Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About Earth, Top 10 Amazing Facts About Earth In Hindi, Tracker Mobile Number Location Google Earth, Tree That S Among The Oldest Life Forms On Earth Crossword, Tree That S Among The Oldest Life Forms On Earth, Were Among The Earliest Photosynthetic Life Forms On Earth. View Images Yes, a sponge is an animal… They have no brain and nervous system. These bacteria are believed to be the... 2. The evolution of mammals has passed through many stages since the first appearance of their synapsid ancestors in the Pennsylvanian sub-period of the late Carboniferous period. Martialis Huereka has a pale color, 3 millimeters in length and has no eyes. Researchers could not determine its exact age, but its extraordinary size means that it could be thousands of years old. They also can sense ultra violet rays. Yet there are mammals, trees, and birds we might not realize are also remarkably ancient. Frilled shark’s strange looking mouth looks much larger than that of other species of shark. It will help nautilus to fight against predators. In one sense, all living mammals are equally old: they are all equally far removed from the ancestral mammal.

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