At AI, we have observed this gap and that is why we are publishing about them so our ace readers are aware of this relatively new concept in equities. and smell the coffee sooner or later to compete with these fintechs and smaller Channel all of those fall flavors into a festive healthy-ish dessert with this super-easy strudel recipe. QSR, Take Away and Food Delivery is becoming a pretty booming business in Yes, lower valuations compared to the often called "cloudy" Fortis. Registration status with SEBI: I am not registered with SEBI under the (Research Analyst) regulations 2014 and as per clarifications provided by SEBI: “Any person who makes recommendation or offers an opinion concerning securities or public offers only through public media is not required to obtain registration as research analyst under RA Regulations”. 2013 to 2017 was a period of many multibaggers, Right stocks went up 5x and 10x easily. Hoping for your continued patronage, Seasoned investors however are doing the opposite, they keep on adding more money to make bumper profit when market rebounds. You need a strategy to tackle it otherwise all your gains made during bull years will vanish in thin air. Home. This is more important for smaller companies where promoter’s vision can help leapfrog the company into bigger leagues. Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Blog archive 2014 (1) October (1) Investment Strategies from Legendary Investors; Company-News. It has 22% of US FDA approved plants in the world. company based in "Bangalore" so you know now its a start-up. India is going through. We will start our discuss from the origins of the startup culture in India and which way it is likely headed. This Uber-Eats tie up and creation of new exclusive brands can create lot of value for the shareholders sooner or later. practically a lot many which are slowly starting to have their own set of 5951 customer reviews already and on an average 4 star reviews. At annual EPS of 27 the stock is at a P/E of 18, and at a MCAP/Sales of 2.19. cPVC Pipes player Astral Poly trades at a P/E of 61 and a Mcap/Sales of 5.32. Disclosure: It is safe to assume that i might have Finolex Industries Ltd in my portfolio and hence my point of view can be biased. Let us look at the latest M&A in this industry first, that is IHH Healthcare takeover of Fortis Healthcare. - Large section of Rural India did not have access to electricity, If electricity is pushed to all villages, A village can have atleast one public fridge, and cold drinks are popular because they are consumed cold. Live updates of our blog : Seasoned investors however are doing the opposite, they keep on adding more money to make bumper profit when market rebounds. Stock market is a unique marketplace. The carbonated beverages segment is around 80% of Varun's revenue pie. The investors can look for a specific type of company, technology or market, investment size, geographic location, and minority-/women owned status. Since this is more of general talk, I am not attaching data of market share to be won by younger companies. A question which is often asked in times like these “Are we at the bottom?” There is no easy answer to this question. All in all we feel Hospital & Healthcare sector is going to be in focus going forward, Aster is a good bet and a unique Multi national healthcare business available at cheaper valuations. For instance the best selling shampoo on Amazon right now is WOW's Apple He/She is not responsible for any loss arising out of any information, post or opinion appearing on this blog. this field of business with a renewed focus on pricing and innovation, these Which are these stocks? I have left many sectors uncovered here, But the moot point I am trying to If we look at the five year average P/E that Finolex has commanded it has been around 17. But the question is when will market rebound. Let’s dig deeper. Also the ability to order on the go through the app, take a pick up and stuff like that. All information in this blog is posted for personal study, All information posted on blog is as available in public domain. variety of options becoming available to people. Today’s AI post is a short note on the same. With lockdowns & circuit brakers across the world, it is a massive business & social experiment. Information in AC Investor Blog is often opinionated and should be considered for information purposes only. I beg to differ on this, India is a growing economy with comfortable macros for now after the Crude price crash, Pakistan will not be able to afford any war with India and escalations would just be hyped by Media. - The company is changing from B2B to B2C with total focus now on Pipes segment. talking point on the street. S&P/ Nasdaq Stocks Discussion - December 2020. inside scoop of the millennial thinking, How young India thinks and acts. Live updates of our blog : on stuff :-. The remaining 12-13% is from Packaged water and another 6-7% is from non carbonated beverages such as Tropicana fruit juice. With recent development in Feb 2019, States of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, AP, Telangana too are now in Varun's fold as the leading Pepsi bottler. The fee structure is post-paid in nature where we charge a performance fee based on the profit made at the closure of each recommendation. However, it is a totally out of the box solution and needs global consensus. Since the company is converting from B2B to B2C, Most of their PVC Resins will be utilized in their PVC Pipes manufacturing itself. There has been a lot of talk on the street about an economic slow down in unorganized stood at close to 18000 crores in 2017 while the leaders continue swiggy and other such food delivery apps which can replace your hunger of Maggi The easy answer is soon but investors want to know how soon . This further adds confusion. Market supplies services which is in high demand. Promoter of a company plays a huge role in ensuring company’s success in the future. catch a trend. Impact is more aggravated at individual stock levels. We had a good amount of growth in the 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler space in sales trend and a few fmcg majors like HUL (Unilever Plc) moderating their The buying a second car idea is not even on most minds anymore. However, over last three years pharma stocks have been struggling because buyers gaining more bargaining power and many countries joining this model. Service 1 Portfolio Advisory: Multicap & Smallcap. many opportunities for many companies and start-ups to make it big. The company's first brand with uber-eats is named Home Cravings and is offering combo meals and home cooked style food experience in Bangalore. They have a newsletter of over 47,000+ subscribers. He can be reached in twitter and appears in Televisions once in a while. Fortis has a total of 4800 operational beds, Fortis has been largely under the clouds and litigation for wrong doings of their erstwhile promoters. (66% bottom line growth), The margins growth latest quarter was backed by good growth in their PVC Resin segment (Which is not going to be around for a long time). Plus due to the above stated issues a large percentage of people no longer So to sum it up, The Ace Investor blog is back and now slightly more adaptive as we will be using a mix of both basics of Technicals & Fundamentals to pick stocks with stop loss, targets and time frames defined. Aster DM Healthcare is a healthcare stock as the name suggests. Ok, enough introduction. costs are high, Petrol Diesel haven't been really cheap despite Acche Din. Packet food is also getting disrupted by availability of fresh food through With new announcement, finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman surprised everyone by cutting corporate tax from 30% to 22%. is not a very loyal or attached fellow to any brand, He is not shy of trying Rekha Jhunjhunwala buys 45 … This time all of them unanimously gave same verdict which later translated into more or less the same result. Coming to the valuations, While the market chorus would say there is other income and everything else in the figures. This is in sharp contrast to 2016 or 2017, where money was easily made over free sms tips or television news channels. Stock market which had seen a rampaging bull market during 2016-17 has seen significant correction starting 2018 and it continues relentlessly. Hide sight analysis is easier but also a great teacher. consumption or service bracket to tap. Investors as well as young businessmen should try to identify new themes in the This implies a very high strike-rate of finding a multibagger from this segment. But this whole consumption slowdown does not seem very real to me, ACE- Net will also permit investors to place specific search criteria on the network and it will send an e-mail when a company is listed that meets their interests. Note: The above is not a research report but information as available on public domain and it should not be treated as a research report. Recommended at ₹7 (Feb’16), stock touched ₹70 thrice (Feb’18, Aug’18 & May’19). Almost double. SumTotal delivers the most configurable learning and talent development solution on the market. “Money is sowed during bear phase and harvested during bull phase”. We will cover all of this at a later stage in the article. Mike’s Blog: Oblivious Investor. Just like that now every other stock has issues, is a fraud company, or over-valued according to popular belief. Today, we are launching a new service called Super Investor. First one was to inject ₹70,000 Cr in PSU Banks which was done in in Aug’19. Fortis today trades at a market cap of 7200 crores on a revenue of 4561 crores. Considering the future outlook, discounting short-term hiccups due to crude volatility throwing the spread for a toss, lower crude price is a long-term positive for Finolex Industries. Aster came out with an IPO in February 2018 with an issue Price of 180-190. FY18: Sales 2738 Crores, Net Profit 299 Crores, EPS 24.06. So to sum it up, The Ace Investor blog is back and now slightly more adaptive as we will be using a mix of both basics of Technicals & Fundamentals to pick stocks with stop loss, targets and time frames defined. So here are some interesting observations or say my own millennial thinking “Markets are like women - always commanding, mysterious, unpredictable and volatile.” says a man who is truly inspirational, a billionaire and has given a twist to the Indian perception of stock markets. Sterling & Wilson Solar Ltd - Techno Funda Pick,, I had warned in Nov 2017 with my post Be Value Sensitive, Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd - Update. Whether you’re one of those people who seems to catch everything, or you just want to fend off a cold or the flu, your diet can make a big difference.Every day, your body relies on key nutrients to fortify its immune soldiers so they can quickly pounce on illness-causing intruders. You can find many valuable investing lessons on this blog which definitely makes it one of the best Indian stock market blogs. A simple question also is, if HUL’s growth forecast turning tepid hints at For FY19, Parag Milks had a revenue of 2396 crores, with net profit of 121 crores and an EPS of 14.36. other. Some popular beliefs that got trashed recently was Market will crash due to BJP losing state elections, Market will crash due to Auto nos being weak, Market will crash due to Urjit Patel sudden resignation. The Costa Coffee acquisition by Coca Cola with an eye on China network does show us how the sector is exciting with more global players looking to get into this space. It seems exit polls have evolved. If we look at total Beds, Across GCC they have 1048 beds and in India they have a total of 4038 beds. Ace investor blog. There is no exact science which way one should invest but it is a process which needs to be developed after considering all possible investment options available before oneself. However, here actually our bet is on the Jockey (V G Siddhartha) more than the horse itself, A guy who was doing a stock market job and can do so many exciting things such as Way2Wealth, Build such a great empire, Pioneer Cafe Culture in India, survive in the business despite global competitors would surely do something to sustain further. Let’s look at historical data first. Once the business becomes totally B2C focussed, and builds on the brand value and makes a mark in the cpvc segment, will not be surprised if it is given a rating similar to Astral which trades like the Paint Sector. - The per capita consumption of Cold Drinks would increase significantly with electrification and access to fridge and cold storage. for analysts. Please note these stocks are our preferred picks nor we ever recommended these stocks in the past.

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