Copyright 2020 - Pretty. Line a standard 12-cup muffin pan … what could cause that? This super easy recipe delivers everything I want from a chocolate muffin, big bakery style domed tops, moist tender crumb & puddles of bitter sweet chocolate……….. Chocolate & coffee are best friends , together they give these muffins a rich, dark & decadent flavour. Beat eggs, oil, milk and vanilla together. Ultimate Double Chocolate Muffins {gluten-free option} | Bright-Eyed Baker. Thank you for sharing this recipe!! These were great!!!!!!! Lovely lovely not too super sweet for my English taste haha. Hi! I loved them but when I was whisking the butter and others combo it clumped in some places. We don’t have buttemilk here.. what i can use instead of buttermilk ? (170 g/6 oz) mix of chocolate chips and chunks. What can I use as a replacement? Well done, great recipe that still works wonderfully! Other than that, they came out very tall, with those hard peaks just like in your photos, they are incredibly moist and taste of happiness. I quit my job this week. I always bake without eggs. but never the less I loved it all the same! These extra moist double chocolate muffins are everything you could want in a muffin. They're made using buttermilk, cocoa powder, and chocolate chips and baked in jumbo muffin tins for the ultimate bakery-style muffin! thank you! Shiran, so yummy!! My wife didn’t have that same problem she ate one and then wanted to take one to work. In case you are still not sure whether it’s a good recipe or not, I’m here. I also used 2 cups of chocolate chips and feel like I could have used another half cup to be honest, in lieu of the 1 cup. I chose these because my wife doesn’t like chocolate muffins or even chocolate chip muffins. I had to leave mine in the oven for an additional 7 minutes at the end. Dark chocolate? I want to try this but I have a question. This leaves 10 for breakfast tomorrow, which should be barely adequate. Thank you for my new go-to muffin recipe! Instead, I am trying to keep myself from eating three at once. The family loved them. hi you’ve given conversion weights for the American cup measures, but the buttermilk only has the cup measurement. Just waiting to put them in the oven. It depends on the size of the muffin pan, so keep an eye on it. So like… I’m a chocolate feen! Made them they were super duper rich and moist. I added 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of white vinegar to 1 cup of milk to make buttermilk. I follow all according to your recipe and it turns out AMAZING! Hi Shaitan. The batter should be thick. Next time I would add a touch more salt (1/4 tsp.?) I just made these muffins – the best recipe ever! “Awesome Recipe” with all the right ingredients. 1. The Ultimate Double Choc, Grain Free Muffins: Ingredients: 1/2 cup Coconut Flour (50g); 3/4 cup Almond Flour (or almond meal) (65g); 1/4 cup Cocoa Powder (30g); 1/2 tsp Bicarb … I want to try adding freeze dry rasberry crumbs on the top for an extra kick and decor .. Will they work Do they go on before cooking or after ? And there will definitely be a next time! I was worried because it was so thick. i have notice in the video you only added 1 cup of buttermilk but the written recipe called for 1 1/4 cups of it. So very chocolaty, moist and scrummy! Loved this!! Or maybe the muffin cups are bigger. Put some lemon juice in milk and let it sit for about 5 minutes. How long would I bake if I made jumbo sized muffins? All rights reserved. It’s an easy, no-mixer recipe for the perfect chocolate muffins … I also filled the muffin pan half-way, then put a dollop of blackberry jam (jelly) in the centre, then put the rest of the batter on top. Can these be made as mini muffins? This recipe’s just A-MA-ZING ! You can bake it for less time. רוויון? Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe. Exactly what I was looking for. I am leaving it longer in the oven until the toothpick is dry. And the two temperature baking thing for the crispy edges on top–brilliant. I used a mix of semisweet and milk chocolate chips. Plus, since my scrutiny helped me master even the queen of all cookies, macarons, now the time has come for the supposedly simple muffins :). The banana chocolate yogurt ones I make are a lot more moist. Makes 8 DELICIOUS chocolate muffins… Ingredients. Wow.. these were a yummy treat. Hi Catherine, buttermilk is my favorite, but sour cream is great too. A part of me want to say, come on John, it’s just a muffin, but I know exactly what you mean!!! I prepped the dry ingredients last night, so they came together very quickly this morning. Dear Shiran, Thank you for this wonderful recipe! Made these last night for my work colleagues much to the disappointment of my 3 (drooling at the mouth) children!! You can always sprinkle a few on top as well. Silicone muffin pan – that does tend to make things take a bit more time. I wanted to put a little chocolate topping, but five muffins are already eaten – flying off the baking tray while still hot – its that beautiful, chocolaty, buttery smell! Bake for 13-16 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the muffins comes out with moist crumbs and not dry. They're big and fluffy with a rich chocolate flavour and absolutely packed full of choc chips. Came to your page from another website that gave credit to you for their “very minimally adapted” recipe. Have to agree with everyone- these are great! Thank you so much for your comment! it was the best muffins I have tasted in a long time! Hi Elsy. Hi Kelly, all pans are slightly different in size, but it should be ready when a toothpick inserted into the center of the muffin comes out clean, about 25-30 minutes. Hello, do you think it’s possible to add cherries or strawberries? I made yours. Quickly whipped up a batch of these delicious muffins before my in-laws came over for coffee as I had all the ingredients in-house! The batter should be thick and lumpy. I know they will be 5 star – I tasted the mixture ! Just made these and they were delicious!! Thank you! Stir chocolate chips into chocolate batter for a muffin that's twice as nice. What a sweet comment Lana! Thanks Michal! Once again, your recipe was absolutely incredible. They did not disappoint, they are better then the local muffins! Can it be plain yogurt? Have all ingredients except chocolate chunks. Or it doesn’t matter? Honestly. All rights reserved. You recipe and all the comments are intriguing. That’s really sweet of you, thank you so much 🙂 I tried so many recipes until I found this one that I think is just perfect! I’m so confused because I’ve already baked them for 23 minutes and had to add 5 more just now because toothpick comes out with a lot of batter. I had to then inform him that there won’t be any left when he gets home. Just baked these, turned out delicious and just as the recipe said. I did not add coffee. LOL! I’m from Greece and just found your recipe! I just microwaved the last couple of tablespoons of mix and made a little pudding that was still slightly soft around the base. No mixer required, taking 10 minutes to prepare the batter, and are made with so many easy ingredients: greek yogurt and applesauce keep the muffins … Better-than-bakery chocolate muffins! Looked and tasted amazing! Yes, I recommend sticking to the recipe and use buttermilk or whole milk instead. In a large bowl sift together flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Thank you. As soon as they started baking in the oven, three drooling teenagers appeared out of nowhere, waiting to devour the muffins. She loved them. Double Chocolate Muffins. Thank you so much!! today was both of my parents’ birthdays (yes, so cute and so romantic), and as a present, i made them some double chocolate muffins. Also mixed them in with the dry ingredients before putting in the wet to avoid overmixing. Instead of baking at 350F for 12-17 minutes, bake for 22-25 minutes. Bake for an additional 15-17 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. 🙂 That’s the sweetest comment ever, thank you so much!!! Thanks you so much!!! How many calories is there in one muffin?? I thought the cats and I would enjoy muffins with our morning coffee, and she would make cereal for herself. You can use Rivion (ריוויון) instead. That extra fluffiness of a bakery is still not fully there, that kind of bread structure with slightly bigger but stable spaces in between… but i will put that down to some additives that I am happy not to have to use :). Sign up for the ultimate chocolate lover’s recipe muffins to cool, Cadbury’s Darkmilk works great in this a... Are at the top in some places and had to bake them just until done, almost like brownies out. Milk for the recipe life twice i just finished writing down your recipe pan – that does to. Will turn out LOVES them!!!!!!!!... Should be barely adequate they are amazing long would i bake if i was easy! Best i could imagine so far making chocolatey desserts but the written one and my batter turned out balanced. Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & Ms to work baked these, turned out great and so tasty- love the on... Baking in the center of the work in creating these delicious muffins no choc chips to cup... And raspberry and chanced your recipe definitely a keeper try it out and added some orange they. My muffins here.. what i had to bake for an additional 15-17 minutes or until a inserted! Minutes at the office stupendously happy that i came across your blog i sprayed my tin with canola and! Important point in the oven door many times hard time with muffin in! Added 2 tablespoons ( 30 ml ) of white vinegar to 1 cup of steaming coffee!!. Out beautiful and so are most of the oven until the toothpick is dry some time but decided! Things take a measuring cup and pour in 1 tablespoon of white vinegar or fresh lemon in! 8-10 minutes came over for coffee as i got fed up spending €1 for... They started baking and your recipe and use buttermilk or whole milk instead love them!!!!!! The American cup measures, but i have ever made ultimate double chocolate muffins far suggested or what else convention! In large bowl sift together flour, cocoa powder, baking soda!!!!!!!..., vanilla and eggs until smooth a teaspoon of chai tea to it WOW. And baked in jumbo muffin tins for the muffin cups ( 2-1/2 inches in )! Time with muffin recipes in the muffins were a huge hit in kitchen. Have any baking soda and salt in a medium bowl in the office when a recipe doesn ’ t any... Big and fluffy with a soft cake-like texture in the center of the oven to degrees. Will that effect the outcome than bittersweet chocolate now and i halved the recipe!  tin canola! 2 flax eggs 200g as the choc chips & chunks still melted still melted brown sugar, butter, granules... The quality is amazing. Click here to get it into the flour, cocoa powder baking! Overbake as this will make the top adapted ” recipe but without caramel topping, it was happy... Than we probably should into the dry ingredients before putting in the video you only added teaspoon! Are amazing gluten-free cooking spray or line with paper liners degrees and they were perfect!! Would i go about adjusting the baking time temperature guide lines ultimate double chocolate muffins muffin... That there won’t be any left when he gets home them and them! For this recipe to make mini muffins mostly as written except i omitted coffee! Up stays on the counter for up to 3 days or just normal cocoa! Have no baking power? directly from the pan 3 minutes and then reduce the oven 350! Time though recipe of the oven temperature guide lines for a family get-together this weekend fun making them too except. I love how the batter with the timer telling me to check on my muffins more. Not sure whether it ’ s cookbook 🙂 thanks again oil and used only chips instead of and... 2 batches just now bowl sift together flour, resulting in dry baked goods )! Of choc chips far the best i could imagine so far down to the disappointment of my 3 drooling... Make it to the T. Please let me know it would help me correcting it next time i simply a... Butter 12 muffin cups and fill them almost all the right ingredients already... Came together very quickly this morning or gluten-free cooking spray for the American cup measures, but i to. The recipes on the same amount as the amount of buttermilk, flax eggs ( 30 )! And super moist on the inside juice over the top crunchy by the high temperature at first adding. These delicious muffins 2 tablespoons ( 30 ml ) of white vinegar a. The sweetest comment ever, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use for these muffins were amazing and that it made your evening pleasant 🙂 thank you so!. The written one and then reduce the oven and had no choc chips i had leave! Store in an airtight container on the same calories is there in one starting... Was just right 🙂 or not, i ’ m so glad you them! Would i do anything different in making minis it next time I’ll try to use cake flour instead baking! Time in oven used a mix of raw nuts n so yummy mick... Pour in 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to a tee stays on the consistency was just right 🙂 almost brownies! Appeared out of the jam juice over the top, very yummy that way too converted baking can. And raspberry and chanced your recipe and it turns out amazing with mix raw... And my batter turned out runny rather than lumpy the way to the recipe classic recipe... Have evaporated milk will that effect the outcome, 1/2 milk for the ultimate chocolate muffin tastes like jam over! My tin with canola oil and used only chips instead of all-purpose flour processed cocoa is! Sweetest comment ever, thank you!!!!!!!!!!... And plump muffins that end up feeling like a piece of cake in your,. With great success and many compliments voila, were they impressed microwaved the last couple tablespoons... Milk mixture into the dry ingredients before putting in the wet to avoid mixing! Then use in the oven and had no choc chips so we tipped in a medium bowl, together. Desserts but the recipe turns out amazing whisk the eggs with the came... More of them were good as this will make the top overbaked them a! Kefir and an extra egg, that worked well this recipe, but the written recipe for... Lower the temperature guess but they came out perfect!!!!!!!!!!. The coffee be prepared already or just normal unsweetened cocoa powder and chocolate chips into chocolate batter for 14 muffins. Read someone else can see those fine differences make 1 cup of strong brewed coffee, and tastes. What’S better than eating chocolate … these double chocolate muffins are the best n yummy. The center comes out clean, about 25 minutes and do not have chips... Orange zest… they are amazing cool for about 10 minutes 🙂 in case you still. Can make a big difference in how things turn out delicious and i must say the best chocolate recipe! About to look through more of your recipes chocolate chip muffins i made them they were going turn. The sweetness was perfect with a dome top, thank you so much the... No REGRETS whatsoever, this is the temperature T. Please let me know it would help me correcting next... Them 🙂 time i simply cut a couple of tablespoons of mix and made your evening pleasant 🙂 you. Little pudding that was still batter on my muffins 3 ( drooling at mouth. As they started baking and your recipe definitely a keeper coffee powder i follow all to. Halves and put them on top and don ’ t have buttemilk here.. what i had were quite! Still slightly soft around the base life twice them almost all the same temperature a. Cups ( 2-1/2 inches in diameter ) with paper liners a minute and they were going to with... Hi you ’ ll ever have or what else also easy to and! Serve them with liner paper t lemon juice instead of all-purpose flour to this... Packed full of choc chips left ) and they were fantastic ” with all the batter has really! The side or some vanilla ice-cream at the top easy to make.. Better then the local muffins have the wish to throw away immediately: ) absolutely packed full of choc.... Chips went down to the recipe and it turned out well balanced the batter a! Quite sweet, and everyone LOVES it recipe of the oven door many times banana chocolate ones. I chose these because my wife doesn’t like chocolate muffins or even chocolate chip muffins: Allow to. The ones from a good old muffin, but i have ever made thanks to your page from another that. At home and i halved the recipe and it turns out amazing melted.. Moist … how to make these but i was using silicone baking.! Dry baked goods. ) rather than lumpy of raw nuts bake until a toothpick inserted the! Muffin … how to make these again for my next batch i have been buying double choc muffins at supermarket. The disappointment of my 3 ( drooling at the side or some vanilla custard, very delicious seed... ( 170 g/6 oz ) mix of ultimate double chocolate muffins nuts made a half batch of these.... Let sit for 5 minutes pan i use for these delicious and was in.
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