In total, there are 210 patients at Broadmoor, 220 at Ashworth and 390 and Rampton. Among those being held are former nurse Beverley Allitt, who became known as the "Angel of … It is home to around 228 patients … Rampton Hospital is one of three high security hospitals in England and Wales. Rampton secure hospital is home to some of the most dangerous people in Britain, with three out of four of its 400 patients responsible for "very serious crimes".

Whilst at Broadmoor he was subject to an attempted strangulation (thwarted by Kenneth Erskine, above) and lost the vision in his left eye after being attacked with a pen. The hospital was asked to make urgent improvements by the Care Quality … The BBC East Midlands' Inside Out is allowed in to film life at Rampton Hospital, a secure facility housing some of the UK's most violent criminals. The ultra-secure psychiatric wards are home to those detained under the … The Hospital's mission is to work with commissioners, patients, carers and staff to lead the development and provision of high quality, cost effective, secure forensic health care. Rampton Hospital, managed by Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, has treated some of the most dangerous criminals the country has ever seen. A high-security service at Rampton Hospital for all NHS regions; In May 2008, a group of patients lost their High Court battle seeking to overturn the rule banning patients from smoking within the hospital. “Staff morale was low, mainly due to staff shortages” CQC report. Ashworth Hospital Ashworth is one of three high security hospitals in the country, and mainly treats patients from across the north west and north Wales. The facility cares for patients who suffer from mental disorders and … The Hospital has around 400 patients, all of whom have been formally admitted under relevant Sections of the Mental Health Act. View of Rampton Hospital, Woodbeck, Nottinghamshire (Image: PA). Patients at the hospital, which costs £52 million a year to run, with the care per patient at about £2,000 a week, are detained under the Mental Health Act. Marian's tale, though it sounds extreme, is not unusual among the patients of the Orchard, a medium-security unit that is part of St Bernard's hospital in Ealing, west London. Rampton Hospital, run by Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, is one of three high secure hospitals in England. Major developments at Rampton Hospital recently include the David Wilson Unit, for National High Secure Learning Disability Services. Most have been admitted from court or on transfer from prison, but a small percentage have been admitted from other NHS facilities because it was felt they needed the intensive care available at Rampton.
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