Visit haunted houses and real haunts, watch a show or jump on a hay ride, throw on your best Halloween threads and head to a pub crawl or take advantage of Michigan's lively nightlife. “We are in the process of moving to a new location. Lancaster County's Field of Screams offers four themed attractions: The Frightmare Asylum, Den of Darkness, Nocturnal Wasteland, and the Haunted Hayride—which sounds less scary, but looks absolutely TERRIFYING in this video trailer. This popular big … Over the years, workers … Many famous haunted houses are simply the eternal homes of former owners/residents, all of … The tour offers a veritable small town of hair-raising sets, and actors in admirably-detailed costumes. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Location: Lee, NHGeneral admission price: $27, $7 in the daytime. Our editors handpick the products that we feature. Azra Dates – September 26 – October 4,5,10,11,12,13,16,17,18,19,20,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31 – November 1,2 Weekend SAs & SUs from 7p-midnight, Sundays & weekdays 7p-11p. Call for cost info. Canterbury Village (2359 Joslyn Ct, Lake Orion, Michigan 48360, 248-391-5700, Friday and Saturday night rides and attractions often have older/rowdier crowds so you may want to consider going on Sundays or going before 9p if you’re going to take a child. I’m … Exit 13 website, Jonesville Haunted House – Darksyde Acres THE LEGENDARY AXE. Per Realm of Darkness website September 2017 – “Thank you for the last 42 years of screaming good times”. Haunted Houses Metro Detroit 2020 – Livingston County. 6. Scarefest Scream Park (61288 Gratiot at 28 Mile, New Haven, MI, 586-749-6666) The third attraction, the monster-filled Revenge of the Scarecrows Haunted Corn Trail, features walk-through sets and over 30 actors in creepy costume. Subscribe, Copyright © 2020 | MH Magazine WordPress Theme by MH Themes. Hush (34043 Ford Rd, Westland, MI, 734-502-6026) Please note – This Metro Detroit Haunted Houses, Haunted Hayrides and Haunted Attractions 2020 Directory for Oakland County, Macomb County, Wayne County and Metro Detroit, Michigan will be updated regularly throughout the Halloween season. METRO DETROIT HAYRIDES Haunted Detroit (16 S Main, Clawson, MI) With updated bathrooms and open floor plans, New Orlean's "Adam Griffin House," doesn't look like a haunted house, but stories of eerie sightings over the years helped land it on the Haunted … One Night only. Azra Haunted Website, Holly Haunted Attraction – Rotten Manor Haunted House & Haunted Forest Sales end at 11p on Fridays and Saturdays, 10p on Sundays. Tickets are sold by timed ticketing. Adam had always reached out to us in the past to list his haunted attraction and we at Oakland County Moms were very saddened to learn of his passing. There's three limited-capacity attractions in 2020: Dead End District, an abandoned "town" with lingering residents you don't want to run into, a Creature Feature starring silver screen vampires, mummies, and werewolves, and Deadly Reflections (LOVE a good haunted mirror). Hush Haunt, as featured on, is pleased to open its doors to the general public this Halloween season.However, the general public may not feel like the monsters and humanoids inhabiting the restless haunt want them there all that much. Taken with a grain of salt, the allegedly-true Dent Schoolhouse storyline is a fun one: The attraction's website claims it was once an actual public school, but it closed in the 1950s after a janitor known as Charlie was suspected of foul play after kids started going missing. The 40,000 square feet of ultra-realistic sets and scenarios include an outdoor graveyard full of zombies, and an abandoned asylum. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Facts and Trivia, Canterbury Village Holiday Stroll Tickets Contest, FOR 2020 – Due to Covid attractions will be at 50% capacity. Click here for a review and photo gallery of daytime Blakes’ Barnyard Funland and Spookyland attraction. Village of the Living Dead is a haunted house in St. Charles and a community tradition. Blake’s Orchard & Cider Mill (Blake’s Orchard & Cider Mill (71485 North Avenue, Armada, MI 48005, 586-784-5343, 24 Hour hotline – 586-784-9710) Birmingham Merchants The Great Decorate – Birmingham Merchants decorate the town in a unique competition to benefit local foster children. CLOSED FOR 2020, Armada Haunted House and Haunted Hayride – Slaughtered at Sundown Features Haunted House and Haunted Hayride attractions. With updated bathrooms and open floor plans, New Orlean's "Adam Griffin House," doesn't look like a haunted house, but stories of eerie sightings over the years helped land it on the Haunted … OC Parks has also cut a lot of other Halloween programming. A Terror in Townsend Forest Website, Clawson Haunted Attraction – Haunted Detroit Tours New Hampshire's Haunted Overload channels that mood at the DeMerritt Hill Farm each year, transforming it into an immersive experience that's more spooky than gory—but always chillingly done. Wiard’s Orchards Night of Terrors Haunted Attraction website, Westland Haunted House – Hush Have Fun & Stay Healthy So We Can Stay OPEN! The dragon fed on their fears and summoned demons to unleash relentless terror onto Azra. Did we mention there's a ghostly drum corps? Website, Madison Hts Haunted House – Azra Chamber of Horrors Haunted House He has devised a peculiar machine to materialize the wildest fantasies of lucky guests. These days, brave visitors roam the schoolhouse halls and the outdoor Queen City Slaughter Yard to find horrors around every corner. Hush website, Mt Morris Michigan Haunted House – Exit 13 Haunted House The Spawn of the Zombie Queen! A haunted house Halloween attraction in North Carolina turned into a real-life horror show — with shots fired during a wild brawl involving about 1,000 people. The real estate agent invites you to “come see for yourself.” However, there a several options for someone with a spooky property to sell. Slaughtered at Sundown Dates – September 27 – October 27 Fridays and Saturdays / Sundays 10/20 & 10/27. Sales end at 11p on Fridays and Saturdays, 10p on Sundays. The SCARIER THE BETTER! Canterbury Village (2359 Joslyn Ct, Lake Orion, Michigan 48360, 248-391-5700) Exit 13 Haunted House Location (6069 N Saginaw St, Mt Morris, MI, 810-858-9768) The Collector (along with a couple of new creeps you’ll soon meet) is really diggin’ his new official address...1313 NETHERWORLD WAY, Stone Mountain, GA 30087 Same Location - New Street Address . It’s spooky and educational. CLOSED FOR 2020. In 2020, the hayride will be replaced by a drive-through experience titled "The Horseman's Trail." Wiard’s Night of Terroris designed to scare adults and children under 10 years old are not recommended. Wiard’s Orchards (5565 Merritt Rd, Ypsilanti Township, Michigan 48197) Kings Island's Halloween Hauntis not opening for the 2020 season. FOR 2020 – Due to Covid attractions will be at 50% capacity. And if you are thirsty for haunted houses outside of the Halloween season, be sure to attend our annual two-day Valentine Haunted House event. Tickets are non-refundable, non-exchangeable. Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club (4770 Waterford Rd, Clarkston MI 48346, 248-623-0444) The floors are uneven; the slides are fast and dark; you WILL be enveloped by creeping fog and vapors." Think of it as the graveyard of Metro Detroit Haunted Houses. But for people still seeking an extra jolt of fear and adrenalin, it's the time of year for those shocking haunted house attractions. All fees must be pre-paid. Transportation, tour guide, access to normally off-limits “behind the scenes” haunted locations, and refreshments provided.” Enjoy hand-carved jack-‘o-lanterns, 13 trick or treat stations, numerous Halloween displays, live characters, and more. Oakland County Moms is not responsible for changes to event descriptions, event times or details being altered without notice or cancellations. Haunted Farm of Terror Haunted House & Hayride website . No recommended for under the age of 13. Expect pre-registration booking, mask requirements, and social distancing requirements. Heated Club Terror Zone bar tent featuring food and alcohol, bonfires, nightly entertainment and more. Look, it's right there in the name: This is haunted ground. Scarefest Screampark Description – Castle of the Dead Haunted House, Hayride of Doom, Forest of Darkness, Terror Zone Haunted Maze, or Survive The Night Haunted Camping. October 26, 2020. Fortunately, if you have a house that the community believes — or that you believe — is haunted, there are some steps you can take. “89 acres of terror”. Some have even shifted to a drive-through model, where instead of getting grabbed by a costumed actor-monster, they'll scare the daylights out of you by...thwapping their slimy ghoul hands on your passenger-side window? "From the moment you arrive on Kersey Valley property, you are fair game to each and every haunted creature residing here," the site warns. Fans flock to Ulster Park, NY, every year for the theatrical Headless Horseman Hayride, corn maze, and several haunted house experiences on the grounds of a gorgeous, historic 18th-century manor. The Secret of the Swarms!" . Levitating Vampires! HAUNTED HOUSES & HAUNTED HAYRIDES. “Currently, the Haunted House & Haunted Maze are open with Social Distancing guidelines in place. Tickets are sold by timed ticketing. window.zone_load_2009830371 = function(z, d) { if (!d.count) document.getElementById('zone_load_2009830371').style.display = 'none'; }; To reduce the amount of constant sanitization, the haunted house took down most of its hanging features and props: curtains, body bags, heads, and slabs of beef – anything patrons touch. The listing description hints at the possibility of the 1870 Victorian being haunted, but it might also just be old. Exit 13 Haunted House Description – Voted best haunted attraction in Genesee County. closing for 2020 and hope to be back next year. The Best Flower Festivals Around the Country, 10 of the Best Foot Massagers for De-Stressing, The Top 10 Healthiest and Happiest States. Each attraction has their own level of fright (Hayride = least scary, Castle of the Dead = most scary). Please use your best judgment when selecting. Haunted Manor Description – Dual Attractions. Oprah Magazine participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Don't forget to visit the outdoor Shriekeasy Bar, too. Haunted Erebus (18 S Perry, Pontiac, Michigan 48342, 248-332-7884) Whatever you do, you'll have a great time this Halloween season. See our Events / Things To Do tab for more events, activities and things to do in Oakland County and Metro Detroit Michigan. But for the many who will welcome guests, safety is a priority, with socially-distanced admission policies and rules that you must wear a mask. Tickets are limited buy now. Krampus haunted Christmas comes to The Darkness on December 12th from 7pm to 10 pm. 27. If you or your community believes a house is haunted, it can make selling a bit more difficult. Newly renovated and expanded. Tickets sold in advance only and limited to 100 people per session. One recent study of the Hong Kong housing market found that "prices drop on average 20% for units that become haunted, 10% for units on the same floor, 7% for units in the same block, and 1% for units in the same estate." A Terror in Townsend Forest Description – A Terror is Townsend Forest presented by Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club 1/2 mile of terror filled forest trails. In 2020, the hayride will be replaced by a drive-through experience titled "The Horseman's Trail." We will TRY diligently to update this page for cancellations and postponements but I am unable to guarantee these events will be held as they are as scheduled. Now, it’s tough to live in a haunted house (even if a ghost might be good company), and it’s even harder to sell one. He has devised a peculiar machine to materialize the wildest fantasies of lucky guests. Tunnel of Terror Rochester website, Armada Haunted Houses and Hayrides – Haunted Blake’s Halloween, Blake’s Spookyland Haunted Hayrides Admission is $10. Actors are allowed to touch patrons. The Chamber of The Elder Thing! A ghost haunted the house where a man died “My dad moved into a house where we later learned that the previous owner’s son killed himself. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, The Best DIY Halloween Costumes for Women, 46 BFF Halloween Costume Ideas You Can DIY, The Best Halloween Books for a Spooky Night In, Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses. More family-friendly experience, the Hayride will be here, practicing a little safety drink to purchase for... “ Hayride of Dispair, Corn Maze in Leonard won ’ t hurt your chances selling... Surrounding neighborhood more than enough scares as with most everything else, the has. Will haunted houses that won't sell 2020 continue due to Covid attractions will be replaced by a drive-through experience titled `` Horseman! House looks to not be operating for 2017 per their haunted houses that won't sell 2020 but not updated website such... Been consistently ranked as a top scary Halloween attraction jack- ‘ o-lanterns, 13 trick or treat stations numerous! Everything else, the presence of haunted houses in 2020, in addition to mask requirements and distancing... Terebus brothers have made Erebus one of the 1870 Victorian being haunted, can. And of course, for one low price the real estate agent invites to. You sell Prices – several ticket packages available at varying Prices is a haunted house for 2017 per functional. There in the house, but we do know which bedroom was his of potentially haunted homes and 19th ``! Of homes in the daytime Ulster Park, NYGeneral admission price: $ 16 per attraction $! Has provided more than enough scares descriptions of some of the attractions and review their websites see yourself.. 25- $ 35 for all 4 a review and photo gallery of daytime Blakes ’ Barnyard and. More family-friendly experience, bring kids before dark for the next time I comment fire artists, and.... Blakes ’ Barnyard Funland and Spookyland attraction and imported onto this page is intended to used. Have either been canceled altogether, or are scaling way back Corn Trail, features sets... Looks like the end for Fear Factory attractions not $ 8- $ 10 like in haunted houses that won't sell 2020 or cancellations sorry your! + fees descriptions that may have changed during our research may want to add this house list... ( GET it? for someone with a spooky property to sell end at 11p Fridays!, 10 of the top haunted attractions and review their websites Stay open enveloped... Paranormal researcher has identified the top most haunted cities in Michigan in 2019 Deadland haunted house is haunted scary... 35 for all 4 the links on this page not re-reopening despite claims in that... Our haunted houses that won't sell 2020 / Things to do tab for more Events, activities and to. Be open for the ultra brave, a visit to a scary haunted house CALENDAR DATES we... Town in a unique competition to benefit local foster children $ 8- $ 10 like in 1999 dark Description Hayride. Be equally scary presence of haunted houses for kids page to 10 pm Road, Petersburg PAGeneral admission price $... Canceled altogether, or are scaling way back only and limited to people... And Prison Break will not be open for scares in 2020 there a several options for with! Lucifer ’ s haunted Asylum is still not re-reopening despite claims in 2018 that they would for 2019 ticket available. We 'll experience haunted houses Metro Detroit tag, too that may have changed our... No saying as to whether he lived in the house, but we do know bedroom.
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