Epic Hunting Safari offers a wide variety of species. In other words if you are on a big five hunt ($ 450 – $550/day), such as a hunt for Cape Buffalo and shoot your trophy Cape Buffalo on the second day and start hunting plains game, the rate does not change. Bushbuck hunting in Namibia ( ... Why do I see different types of prices? Bush Pig . Experience the African Bushveldt. prices - Clint Hunting Safaris. * No permits to hunt leopards and cheetahs. Price List Game Price List Day Fee 1 x Hunter with PH – $350.00 2 or more Hunters with PH – $325.00 Observer – $175.00 Daily Rates Include * Services of a Licensed Professional Hunter, Tracker, Skinner and Hunting Vehicle. Hunters may choose the most suited for them and contact us with a list of preferred species and we will customize a package for you. The extra long 400 plus grain bullets give especially tight groups. Hunting price list. SPECIES / HUNT DAYS Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve Hunt 6 Days 1 x 1 Kabwoya Nile Buffalo Hunt 10 days 1 x 1 Lake Mburo Full Package safari 16 days 1 x 1 * Includes Eland / Topi & Sitatunga) Lake Mburo Buffalo Hunt 10 days 1 x 1 Ssese Island Sitatunga Hunt 10 days 1 x 1 Pian Upe 6 days 1 x 1 Katonga 10 days 1 x 1 SPECIES AREA PRICES Uganda Kob LA $ 3 000,00 Nile Bushbuck LA / Katonga $ 2 … The bushbuck bow hunting prices 2020 South Africa is $ 1 650. Non hunters : $200 / day Hunters 1 on 1 : $400 / hunter / day Hunters 2 on 1 : $300 / hunter / day. A MATURE BUSHBUCK RAM HAS AN AVERAGE: SHOULDER HEIGHT: 33 INCHES WEIGHS: 100 POUNDS HORN LENGTH: 15 INCHES SCI MINIMUM SCORE: EASTERN CAPE BUSHBUCK 31 AND LIMPOPO BUSHBUCK 33 INCHES (Length of both horns + circumference of bases) INTERESTING HUNTING NOTES: Bushbuck forms part of the Spiral Horned family and is the smallest of the family … Clint Hunting Safaris. Caracal . A HUNTING EXPERIENCE LIKE NO OTHERJasiri offers African hunting packages in Southern Africa. Founded in 2012. The Menelik's bushbuck trophy fee is US$6000. ... trophy prices will apply. Please contact us for customized package prices and a detailed price list. Taxidermy fees. Package Hunts are fixed offers. Common Reedbuck. BUSHPIG $650.00. There are two types of hunts on our platform: Package Hunts and Customizable Hunts. ... 1 impala female R1500 1 bushbuck male R3000 1 hunter one non-hunter accommodation and hunting fee for two nights R2000 =R6500 Hunting Prices Daily Rates – please contact us for our $/£/€ prices Hunting / Photographic Packages. – Breakfast. Fair Chase hunting at its Best Spiral Horn Package – $ 8,360.00 Kudu, Bushbuck, Nyala, Eland Hunting the Spiral horn package with Hounslow Safaris will prove to be one of your most enjoyable and rewarding hunts ! Plains Game Packages are always the most cost-effective way to hunt for the first-time African hunter. Terms & Conditions • Sitemap • Contact Us. Copyright 2010-2020 Africa Hunt Lodge. USA Office +1 (830) 367-7611. Bushbuck hunting prices South Africa The bushbuck hunting prices in South Africa for the 2020 hunting season is $ 1 650. ... Bushbuck $ 1200. baboon $ 300. Dip and pack of … In all cases, the hunting packages are inclusive off all safari-related expenses and the services of an experienced professional … Read More … Hunt the bushbuck with the 7x57mm, or a 30 caliber rifle with suitable 160 to 180 grain bullets. Prices include all applicable local taxes and permit fees. Planning a safari can be both exhilarating and daunting at the same time. To contact us: Phone/Fax : 015 516 3080. $ 1,450 . Arrival en Departure days: 1 Person – $400 2+ Persons – $200/person. Bushbuck-hunting with a rifle calibre of .30-06 is a good choice for this wild species. The Bushbuck's air cylinder is an all steel unit that provides rigidity and an anchor for the 452 high quality, accurate barrel with a special twist rate to stabilize short and long bullets in flight. Whether you are a first timer or have been on many safaris, let us help make your entire trip experience a great one. 2020 could mark the best hunting season of your life and we are ready to host you in our African Paradise! We also offer hunts in the Texas Hill Country at our Texas Hunt Lodge, Africa Hunt Lodge If a Bushbuck flees into the dense cover after the shot is fired, as it surely will try … Hunters: $ 450 per hunter per day (one on one) $ 350 per hunter per Below are some of the trophies taken from our Bushbuck hunts over the years. Bushbuck Hunting Prices (For Informative Use Only) The Abyssinian bushbuck trophy fee ranges from US$400 up to US$1000. Africa – the Dark Continent – every hunters’ dream. african trophy pursuit prices 2020 We pride ourselves in the quality of service and comfort that you will experience as our guests. Prices are at Current Rand/USD dollar exchange rates and may change due to fluctuation of exchange rate. cold room and slaughtering facilities HUNTER = R 450 PER DAY NON-HUNTER = R 300 PER DAY Prices are for presentable non-trophy The professional hunter’s discretion as to The rate remains the same for the entire duration of the hunt and does not revert to the plains game daily rate. With over a decade’s expertise in our field, you are in capable hands. Hunting bushbuck can be very similar to hunting the American white-tailed deer; still-hunting can be very productive, or one might try moving quietly through the bush, probing the dense cover, always being cognizant of the wind direction. Daily Hunting Rates. As with all Ethiopian game animals, you will need to inform your outfitter that you want to hunt this bushbuck, check he has quota and pay a non-refundable licence fee before hunting. Africa Hunt Lodge allows the opportunity to hunt and harvest Trophy South African Limpopo Bushbuck. FULLY CATERED: Accommodation R1,000-00 per hunter per night. Accommodation R950-00 per non-hunter per night. I most cases we will be able to offer any trophy animal species you may be looking for. Hunting prices. prices - Clint Hunting Safaris. Hunting on Sundays : We believe Sundays to be resting days, so if we can we normally go to the church as a family and you are welcome to join us. Firearm rental. We also offer Cull Packages in addition to trophy hunting. 1x1 - One Hunter with One PH ... Bushbuck. VAT is payable unless otherwise confirmed. Daily fees: 2 Hunters/ 1 PH - $295 per hunter per day, Bow Hunter/ 1 PH - $345 per hunter per day, 1st Class Accommodations on our South African Concession, Guided and Licensed Professional Hunter for your Hunt, Services of Trackers, Drivers and Skinners, Care of your trophies to include Capping and transportation to Taxidermist for Export, Transportation to/from the Johannesburg (TAMBO) International Airport, Additional Hunting for other Game Animals, Extra Nights at the Hunt Lodge with Family and Guests, Trips to Pilanesburg, Marakele & Kruger National Parks. $ 1,500 . Every African Hunting Safari is unique and your first safari probably won’t be your last. home; ... 1 Client to 1 Professional Hunter. To book your hunt, please call us at (830) 367-7611. All prices are quoted in United States Dollar. POA . Please view our hunting prices below, packages on offer under the “Latest News” section or alternatively contact Kingsview Safaris directly and we will gladly customize a hunting safari within your budget and expectations. The Farm is close to Sun City and Pilanesberg, with access off the N4 highway and well-maintained tarred roads. All land transportation, vehicles and fuel (hunting vehicles). Consider a starter package at a fixed price of $4000 We offer a wide selection of all-inclusive African Hunting Packages. Hunting bushbuck can be very similar to hunting the American white-tailed deer; still-hunting can be very productive, or one might try moving quietly through the bush, probing the dense cover, always being cognizant of the wind direction. Species Available – […] Surrounded by the Indigenous Biome know as the Valley Bushveld, is filled with unique animals such as the East Cape Kudu and Bushbuck. all four animals are very elusive and will be challenging to hunt. Nyamazane Game Ranch hunting safari offers guests a unique hunting experience in Southern KwaZulu Natal. Bushbuck Chobe . Bushbuck Hills Game Farm also caters for small to medium size conferences and social groups. WARTHOG $450.00. Mobile: 082 319 0620. My first-time African hunter package starts at $4000 and includes seven trophies. South Africa Cape Buffalo Hunting Packages. Hunting safari for trophy and biltong hunters. There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting the Bushbuck in South Africa, which makes it a suitable trophy year round. Songimvelo Nature Reserve as well as Mahushe Shongwe Nature Reserve (no hunting occurred on both Reserves for a period of 6 years – (2011 till 2016). All Rights Reserved. Bushbuck Trophy Fees Bushbuck Trophy Fee: $1,790 Trophy Fees are in addition to daily fees which covers All-Inclusive Hunt Package. All day fees in the hunt in South Africa prices are per person / hunter per day and apply for the entire duration of the hunt. Packages and daily rate hunts do not include airfare and required hotel stopovers and taxidermy costs. Trophy Fees are in addition to daily fees which covers All-Inclusive Hunt Package. We offer both plains game hunting packages as well as exhilirating hunting packages devoted to pursuing the dangerous game found throughout the country. * Fully Equipped Lodge. South Africa Cape Buffalo Hunting Package 7 Days (6 Nights) Accommodation 1 Cape Buffalo Bull $13,457 Per Hunter (1×1) $13,197 Per Hunter (2×1) $1,346 Per Non-Hunter. Whether you want to get away for a family weekend, social gathering or “bosberaad”, Bushbuck Hills Game Farm is the place for you. All the above rates DO NOT include: Prices shown exclude 15% VAT (Value Added Tax). Here you will find the hunt in South Africa prices for both day fees and hunting trophy animal fees for the 2020 hunting season. Year round, we offer hunts for awesome Trophy Bushbuck. Here you will find the hunt in South Africa prices for both day fees and hunting trophy animal fees for the 2020 hunting season. Extra hunting day 2:1 € 415,- Extra hunting day 1:1 € 525,- Extra day, observer € 200,-There is a 10% discount on these prices in the low season: (15/11 - 20/12 and 10/1 - 1/3 - … A truly African experience created by an ‘eco-friendly’ hunting camp/lodge, situated on one of our pristine hunting concessions in the heart of the Eastern Cape. The hunt in South Africa prices are quoted in U.S. $ and are subject to change without notice due to currency fluctuations. Children under 12 sharing with parents R200-00 per child per night. South Africa Cape Buffalo/Sable Hunting Package 8 Days (7 Nights) Accommodation 1 Cape Buffalo Bull & 1 Trophy Sable $18,631 Per Hunter (1×1) Prices include collect and drop off at Port Elizabeth Airport. Nick Bowker hunting observer fees (non-hunter) are charged at a daily rate of $150, excluding the arrival and departure day. Daily rates. Bushbuck (M/F) 8 000 Bushpig (M/F) 1 200 Chacma baboon 500 ... Professional Hunter with hunting vehicle/ (RW & SCI) animals, trophy prices on request. Unfortunately we do not have bushbuck cull hunts available. Female bushbuck (ewes) are slight bodied and sport a lighter brown color to the rams. Customizable Hunts usually allow you to select species and other parameters (number of hunters and guests, etc.) The Mountain and Marsh areas of the Limpopo Province in South Africa is the premier destination in the World to hunt the Bushbuck. $ 450 . Field preparation of trophies and hunting licenses. Prices exclude VAT(Value Added Tax as required by S.A. government)  at 15%, Click here to Inquire about our Early Season Specials, Bow Hunt in South Africa – What you need to know. The Bushbuck has been accuracy tested to 250 yards with amazing results. Contact / Open Hours Call Us: 0800 287 4282 International:+64 9 801 2699 Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 5:00pm Ready to take your hunt to the next level? ... BUSHBUCK $1 250.00. If there are any trophy animal species that you would like to hunt but do not see on the Price list please contact us to find out if we have those animals available. Our daily rates and trophy fees for the 2019 & 2020 hunting seasons in South Africa. Tailor made packages on your request. All day fees in the hunt in South Africa prices are per person / hunter per day and apply for the entire duration of the hunt. This Price List contains most of the most commonly hunted trophies that we offer but does not include every trophy species that we have available. PACKAGE INCLUDES 7-nights accommodation 6 full hunting days UPGRADE FOR $1000 and get 10 days (9 nights) and a FREE BLESBUCK Trophies included: 1 x Kudu, 1 x Bushbuck, 1 x Impala, 1 x Common Duiker, 1 x Baboon, 1 x Night Hunt & 1 x Jackal Our motto is not to let a client shoot a trophy that we as a company won't hang on our own wall for viewing. Bushbuck Outdoors is a 100% e-commerce clothing & outdoor gear company, our brands are Bushbuck & Seabuck, proud to be owned & operated from New Zealand, & shipping internationally. COMMON REEDBUCK $1 450.00. * Accommodation Including the Following: – Laundry (daily). Blesbok € 220: Blue Wildebeest (female) € 440: Blue Wildebeest (male) € 560: Bushbuck € 560: Eland: € 1 670: Oryx € 720: Impala € 220: Kudu € 720: * To hunt an Eland and Bushbuck you must stay for a minimum of 10 days. Target location is extremely important as the bushbuck can be extremely dangerous and aggressive.