It gives the user complete focus on one question at a time rather than showing a long-form with many fields. You could create any kind of form you want. Also, you can add text boxes with custom text, graphic and GIFs to catch your user’s attention (Although I’d probably not recommend this for a simple lead form). Add your series of form steps and choose from different pre-set questions that already give you the type of question content you need. As a first step, let's learn some best practices for multi-step forms. Formidable Forms. Mailer - A web app that creates multi-page forms. The documentation will help you out while setting up and is compatible with all device screen size. Final form screen, personal contact information and customized “Book now” button. Splitting a massive project into mini-tasks helps reach the goal faster. Users are less likely to abandon the difficult questions at the end if they’ve already spent time answering several easy questions before. A stepped input form allows us to break up large data input tasks into smaller pieces so that users face just one page at a time. Waseem make a virtue of necessity: To create a step form, which he felt was the best route to more quality leads, he had no other choice than building it from scratch. Grouping questions increases the user’s focus on one particular set. They are also great for capturing client project details in a briefing. Best practices. No matter how big your organization, lead inquiry forms greatly benefits from step forms because of the user-centric and structure way of presenting information. Different form variations to perform A/B test. Retrieved from – 4. I'm struggling with figuring out when to use linear versus non-linear steppers. You can use LeadGen to build lead-generating landing page & conversion-focused web-design. Stepped forms, also known as wizards are a much better practice of web forms design. After that, click Formidable → + Add New to create a new form. Embed Your LeadGen Form in Your Website or a Landing Page. Test out the example inquiry form yourself below: First of all, let’s define how to measure the effectiveness of an online form. Example of a great multi-step form design. Read our most popular posts on deploying and using Kubernetes. We spoke with conversion copywriter Nelson Jordan to learn more about his research-driven approach to find the perfect page copy. To do this, head to Formidable → Styles → Progress Bars and set any color scheme you want. This is an inquiry form for a digital agency, providing landing page design services: Start screen, landing page with two Call-to-actions, find out more on page + enquiry (talk to a specialist). In late 2016, Waseem worked on creating a very lean backend solution to create multi-step lead forms. Users feel encouraged to finish the form when they see the progress bar. A report by Venture Harbour suggests that multi-step forms can increase your conversion rate by up to 300%. What you can achieve with multi-step forms:- Putting your user first (using choice buttons to select service requirement)- Reduce cognitive load (overload of information because of too many questions on a single form step)- Increase lead conversion rates- Creating better visual experiences- Saving website space- Creating beautiful forms on just on web, but also on mobile, Impressive web form beginning with asking about user interest that leads to increased sales. This way you provide a chatbot-like experience in a form, providing relevant and personalised information that makes your web visitor feel understood. LeadGen works with an HTML snippet which you can pretty much use in any website builder with HTML editor, like WordPress, Instapage, Unbounce, Clickfunnels, Wix, Squarespace and so on. Step forms present different questions on different form steps rather a single page. Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated for relevancy. Industries like mortgage lead generation, life insurance, financial advisory services, private healthcare services are highly driven by online lead capture forms.Multi-step forms are important for lead generation, but also very clever tools to educate and engage website visitors. MULTI STEP FORM PLUS. The lead capture form which is the key to generating leads for businesses should ideally be as simple as possible. Average uplift in leads: +212% For the user, the amount of information to enter remains the same but the overall process is smoother and much more manageable. Example. Still, this is not sufficient data to confidently understand which form type converts better. This helps for improving conversions as users know which page they are on when looking at the progress bar. He has a background in Corporate Sales and Marketing and is active in digital media for more than 5 Years. 7 Best Practices For Creating Long Forms To Boost Conversion, From Exiting Digital Agency to SaaS Co-Founder: Greg Kihlstrom, 7 Best Tactics to Increase Conversion Rates on Websites, Conversion Copywriting with Nelson Jordan, Growth Hacking with Rayan & Paul from GrowthStudio, 6 Best Lead Follow-up Tactics that will get you More Deals and Customers. In terms of the form length, a more compact and concise form will win over a long form with unnecessary questions, e.g. Use the Formidable Form widget to display a form in the sidebar. Collect name & email on the first step: If you do this, you can email users who abandon the form without completing it. In LeadGen, you can easily create all kinds of multi-step forms based on your needs. Most importantly however, the character of using steps instead of a long vertical forms is a powerful tool that encourages a lot more people to complete forms. In Formidable Forms, this is done by going into the Form Settings and setting the Pagination setting to Show Progress Bar. The classical menu in a restaurant contains a big list of all kinds of foods, snacks, beverages, no matter if they interest you or not. It's an interesting question what type of online forms, single-step or multi-step forms, generate the most results in terms of lead collection and conversions. Or you might have a form that ticks all the boxes for conversion-friendliness, but your web-page is unoptimized, contains poor text copy or you simply have the wrong type of traffic. Marketing and web agencies use these forms on their own presence, but even more so across their client campaigns. All you need is to create two form variations and start a LeadGen experiment.